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Dear Canary lover

  Contact met  Wout van Gils.           Beste vogelvrienden, Met dit kort schrijven wil ik me even aan jullie voorstellen. Mijn naam is Wout van Gils,

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The Breeding Room

The following article is a translation from the van Gils Canary website. In it, he highlights the importance of matching our breeding aspirations to practical

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Going Light

Going Light – Wout van Gils Early signs: Frequently, the bird may be observed fluffed up at the bottom of the cage. Unfortunately, this indicates

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Holding birds

Handling Birds (Courtesy of Wout van Gils) At times, it becomes necessary to handle a bird. With tame birds, this can be done without using

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Once again, perches

Once again, perches Dear friends of the canaries, still some national exposures and still some others. Then the great challenge, the world championship arrives, and

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Feather Plucking

Feather Plucking Although feather plucking is preventable, all canary breeders would have encountered this troublesome issue at some point. Several potential reasons and causes need

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